Germany saw its highest level of COVID-19 deaths since February on Wednesday as the country swore in its new chancellor after 16 years. 

The German Robert Koch Institute for disease control recorded 69,601 new COVID-19 cases with 527 new deaths, the highest since February, Reuters reported.

The country has had more than 104,000 people die from the coronavirus over the course of the pandemic. 

Despite the record number of deaths, health officials are debating if the end of this coronavirus wave is near for Germany as the seven-day incidence rate of cases per 100,000 people has been falling, according to Reuters. 

The record number of deaths comes as Germany is set to bar unvaccinated individuals from most daily activities. 

People who arent vaccinated against the coronavirus will only be allowed in essential places such as grocery stores, and will be barred from restaurants, museums and other venues. 

The country is also looking to impose more vaccine mandates for certain health care workers in 2022.

The high death toll came the same day Social Democrat Olaf Scholz was sworn into office as the new chancellor, following Angela Merkels 16-year reign. 

We have been able to overcome many crises in a spirit of respect, in an effort always to find common solutions Merkel said at her last European Union summit. But we also have a series of unresolved problems, and there are big unfinished tasks for my successor.