It seems ecommerce is still in rude health. Despite being in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, UK consumers remained steadfast in their commitment to the sales period.

Delivery management firm nShift found that UK parcel volumes over Black Friday were up by 8% compared to last year, and 80% over a typical Friday. Cyber Monday was even better – up by 30% over last year’s, making for a 70% increase over a typical Monday. 

nShift also tracked consumer spending data across other Northern European nations, with all seeing a considerable increase on ecommerce platforms compared to the average Friday. At the top of the rankings was Denmark with a 126% increase, and Finland seemingly the least enthusiastic with a 58% increase.


Of the other nations, Norway saw an 84% increase, Sweden 79%, Belgium 69% and Netherlands 67%. 

What’s more, in the four days leading up to Black Friday, the UK saw the highest increase in parcel volumes, between 43% and 75% compared to their respective days last year.

No doubt this is related to early Black Friday deals, which retailers are starting to implement earlier and earlier to get ahead of the competition – making it more of a Black week than a Black Friday. 

“Shoppers this year are just as eager as last year for a bargain,” nShift CEO Lars Pederson said. 

Perhaps it’s because of, rather than in spite of, the economic situation that sales increased, with shoppers itching to save money and bag a bargain before the prices rise again. 

Pederson noted that as the sales period is crucial for retailers, they have to get their delivery service right. He warned that, “if consumers don’t get the delivery experience they want, they will shop around for a better one.”

nShift further advised that making the experience tailored to the customer is vital, by providing good delivery options, keeping customers informed about their order and offering a hassle-free return service.

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