The omicron variant, first sequenced in South Africa, has been identified in at least 12 other countries. Most have so far reported imported cases spotted in travelers from the African nation and other places. Still, the spread shows the difficulties of curtailing new strains of Covid-19. 

Israel, for instance, said a

confirmed case who arrived from Malawi

rode on a bus from Tel Aviv. Italys

first case traveled around the country for days before testing positive. Researchers worldwide are racing to understand the full impact of the new strain and governments have banned travelers from South Africa and nearby countries on concerns omicron could evade the protection of vaccines or fuel new Covid surges. 

Heres how far omicron has reached: 

Where The Omicron Variant Has Been Detected

The new strain has reached at least 13 places

Sources: Government statements, Bloomberg reporting, local media reports

South Africa Early samples of PCR tests showed that 90% of 1,100 new cases reported midweek in the South African province that includes Johannesburg were caused by the new variant
Botswana At least 19 cases


U.K. At least three

confirmed cases

linked to travel in South Africa

Germany Two cases in travelers who arrived at Munich airport from South Africa, AFP

reported, citing regional officials.

Netherlands Thirteen cases

detected among travelers from South Africa 

Denmark Two

cases in arrivals from South Africa


One case

Israel One

confirmed case and other suspected ones, as of Nov. 27. 


One case who moved around the country before testing positive

Czech Republic One case, according to

local media

Hong Kong SAR Two cases in quarantine hotel 

Two cases in Australias New South Wales state. Both had traveled from South Africa

Canada Two cases who had

recently traveled from Nigeria

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