If you’ve been biding your time, waiting for Black Friday broadband deals to appear, your patience has paid off. TalkTalk has just cut its costs to offer one of the best broadband discounts we’ve seen for a while.

As part of the early Black Friday sales, you can currently get TalkTalk’s Fibre 65 plan for only £20 a month. That price secures you speeds averaging 67Mb and you’ll also get a £75 voucher on top to spend at Amazon, M&S, Tesco, or as a Mastercard.

At that discounted price, TalkTalk is offering the cheapest prices on the market for these speeds, matched only by Vodafone. However, Vodafone lacks the voucher incentive that TalkTalk is offering with its Black Friday Broadband deal.

So, will the speeds be enough for you? With an average of 67Mb, this plan offers speeds best fitted to a larger household. You can stream on multiple devices while also having smart gadgets connected up and even work from home.

TalkTalk isn’t the only one discounting its prices right now. Sky has discounted its Superfast plan, bringing the price down from £28 a month to only £25. That comes with speeds slightly slower than TalkTalk at just 59Mb.

Alternatively, Shell Energy isn’t far behind TalkTalk in price, now offering speeds averaging 63Mb for only £21.99 a month. Or, Plusnet is possibly TalkTalk’s closest competitor, coming in at £23.95 for similar speeds but also including a £95 Mastercard.

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