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THE BUZZ: Where is Nancy?

The three words that police say an assailant shouted before he attacked Paul Pelosi,the husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi,in their San Francisco home early Friday crystallized both a terrifying moment and an ominous larger picture. While the police still havent established suspect David DePapes motive, they confirmed it was a targeted crime. Combined with an online trail suggesting DePape marinated in election denialism and conspiracy theories


, that punctuated the alarming reality of proliferating violent acts targeting elected officials in California and beyond.

Nearly two years ago, the Jan. 6 Capitol riot seemed to be a grim apotheosis. President Joe Biden was among those who said on Friday he heard, in Where is Nancy, an echo of chants from people who were hunting the speaker after they overran the Capitol. Yet even before then, lawmakers were contending with vaccine opponents who spoke ominously of stockpiling guns

. Capitol Police have tracked a surge in threats

to lawmakers over the last few years as Congress has allocated millions for additional protection. Public health officials endured endless venom

during the pandemic. Elected officials describe interactions with the public turning darker and more hostile.

In the last few months, a Bay Area man angry about vaccine legislation was convicted

of threatening state Sen. Scott Wiener. A Napa man incensed by President Donald Trumps election loss pleaded guilty

to plotting to blow up the California Democratic Partys headquarters in Sacramento. A Pennsylvania man pleaded guilty

this week to threatening to kill California Rep. Eric Swalwell. Beyond California, three men were found guilty

last week of seeking to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and a man faces trial

for seeking to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Law enforcement has not established a political motive for two suspects breaking into Rep. Karen Bass Los Angeles home


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul Pelosi, on Capitol Hill in 2019. | Zach Gibson/Getty Images

The data is pretty clear, said Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at CSU San Bernardino. He has tracked a mind-boggling spike in aggression toward political groups and a cadre of villains in public positions. Pelosi attracts much of the animus

. Now were seeing eliminationist language, Levin said. Its not just, Nancy Pelosi has failed policies, dont make America like San Francisco. Now its Nancy Pelosi and her ilk are existential enemies who must be eliminated.

Many Democrats argued incendiary rhetoric

from conservatives and former President Donald Trump fomented that anti-Pelosi animus,which a top Republican official dismissed as unfair

.Wiener faulted a right-wing machine dedicated to promoting conspiracy theories. Swalwell pointed to a video

of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin joking about the attack as evidence that conservatives commit violence because their leaders glorify it. Rep. Jackie Speier said DePape appeared to be a classic convert to a very Trumpian, very dangerous philosophy. And Biden himself linked the attack to hatred and vitriol that is seeping into public life and language.

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Pelosi’s San Francisco home has long-drawn unwanted attention

, by POLITICOs Jeremy B. White: The hilly San Francisco neighborhood where House Speaker Nancy Pelosis husband was attacked has long been a magnet for tourists, celebrities, billionaires and political protests.

Paul Pelosi told attacker he needed to use the bathroom, called 911 from there

, by POLITICOs Sarah Ferris, Nicholas Wu and Kelly Hooper: The violent home invasion at Speaker Nancy Pelosis residence Friday morning which led to an attack that left her husband Paul hospitalized is rattling Washington at a time when fears of political violence were already spiking.

Its getting worse. The sad part of the Pelosi attack is it doesnt surprise us

, Opines Anita Chabria for the Los Angeles Times: Forget the insurrection. The immediate future of political violence in America is much more likely to be a lone man with a hammer and a head full of fascist propaganda.

BUENOS DÍAS, good Monday morning. Newsom is on the trail: After heading to New Mexico over the weekend in support of Gov. Michelle Luhan Grisham, the governor will be traveling around California to stump for legislative candidates and for Prop 1. It helps that he doesnt really have to campaign for himself more on that below.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: What makes us think that one party can talk about stolen elections, COVID being a hoax, this is all a bunch of lies, and it not affect people who may not be so well balanced? What makes us think that it’s not going to corrode the political climate? Enough is enough is enough! Every person of good conscience needs to clearly and unambiguously stand up against the violence in our politics regardless what your politics are. Biden on Friday night.

BONUS QOTD: This was not a random act. This was intentional and it’s wrong. Our elected officials are here to do the business of their cities, their counties, their states, and this nation. Their families dont sign up for this, to be harmed, and it is wrong. And everybody should be disgusted. San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott on the attack.


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Top Talkers

DOWNBALLOT DANCE Why Gavin Newsom isn’t even bothering to campaign for reelection

, by POLITICOs Lara Korte: Instead, hes been focused on abortion rights, boosting fellow Democratic candidates, and combating what he sees as the rising tide of Republican extremism on the national stage. Sliding into a second term might be good for Newsom, but it could be bad for the party. The lack of a competitive race at the top of the ticket could mean low turnout an unwelcome prospect for Democrats running in critical, closely-contested congressional races in Orange County and the Central Valley.

A NEW REALITY ‘I think its an earthquake’: The political world reckons with a Musk-owned Twitter

, by POLITICOs Rebecca Kern, David Siders and Meridith McGraw: Americas political and media players woke up Friday to a new reality: One of the countrys most outspoken, often divisive, business figures is now the moderator of its most obsessive political conversation.

Massive learning setbacks show COVIDs sweeping toll on kids across the country, data show

, by the Los Angeles Times Bianca Vasquez Toness, Sharon Lurye and Howard Blume: The COVID-19 pandemic devastated poor childrens well-being, not just by closing their schools, but also by taking away their parents jobs, sickening their families and teachers, and adding chaos and fear to their daily lives.


44 WEIGHS IN Obama endorses Karen Bass for L.A. mayor

, by the Los Angeles Times Benjamin Oreskes: The Democratic circling of the wagons for Rep. Karen Bass is complete. Former President Obama endorsed the congresswoman on Saturday in her bid to be the first female and second Black mayor of Americas second-largest city.

Pelosi attack rattles an already skittish campaign trail

, by POLITICOs Adam Wren, Holly Otterbein and David Siders: The brutal assault on Speaker Nancy Pelosis husband Paul inside their San Francisco home early Friday morning reverberated across the campaign trail Saturday, with some Democratic campaigns acknowledging increased threats of violence and some Republican campaigns exercising extra caution in their rhetoric.

COUNTING CASH These 16 charts show the money behind San Francisco propositions and candidate races

, by the San Francisco Chronicles Leila Darwiche and Sriharsha Devulapalli: San Franciscos ballot measures and candidates for office have received over $13 million in funding this election cycle, according to a Chronicle analysis of data from the San Francisco Ethics Commission.

TOP TWO SNAFU A QAnon Democrat? Fierce 2022 Warfare Erupts in Deep-Blue California

, by the New York Times Ken Bensinger: Democrats are running against Democrats in six House races, 18 state races, and dozens of municipal and local elections around California in November. In many contests, the candidates have resorted to extreme and divisive language, in a reflection of the growing polarization of American politics.

Muslims are fast becoming a powerful voting bloc in Orange County

, by the Orange County Registers Yusra Farzan: Orange County once considered a white, conservative bastion is becoming increasingly diverse. Muslims like [Sarah] Aly are fast becoming an important voting group demanding accountability of elected officials.

SPEAKER STANDOFF California Assembly Speaker duel splits Democratic funding, unity ahead of election

, by the Sacramento Bees Lindsey Holden and Stephen Hobbs: Tensions over the standoff for one of state governments most powerful positions have only heightened this fall, with Rivas proponents bucking the traditional California Democratic Party funding operation. Instead, they are contributing to a new political action committee that intends to make Rivas the next Speaker.

California congresswoman faces accusations of McCarthyism from AAPI groups over campaign ads

, by the Los Angeles Times Hannah Fry and Seema Mehta: The video opens in a dimly lit room, smoke billowing from a desktop ashtray as two actors portraying Chinese Communist Party intelligence officers discuss a California congressional candidate.

SUPE SPRINT Who will replace L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl a seasoned Sacramento legislator or a millennial West Hollywood activist?

by the Los Angeles Times Andrew J. Campa: Upon introductions at a candidates forum at UCLAs Hammer Museum in late September, the contrasts between state Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) and West Hollywood City Councilmember Lindsey Horvath became clear.

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THE NITTY GRITTY A fight for power in Sacramento tests boundaries of campaign finance law

, Opines Laurel Rosenhall for the Los Angeles Times: [Anthony] Rendons supporters see the PAC as evidence that [Robert] Rivas is trying to buy votes. They point to the fact that the new PAC is spending most of its money to help candidates in seats Democrats are sure to win, and much less to support Democrats in swing districts.

California cancer care isnt equitable; a new law might help

, by CalMatters Ana B. Ibarra: While patients often need specialists, treatments and the chance to participate in clinical trials, that access is not equitable throughout the state. It typically depends on where they live, and sometimes on their health insurance.

THATS GREAT California set a record for greenhouse gas reductions in 2020, but it means nothing

, by the Los Angeles Times Tony Briscoe: The quantity of carbon dioxide spewed by record-setting wildfires that same year effectively erased almost two decades of emission reductions on the part of the worlds fifth and soon to be fourth largest economy.

We are not trying to scare you. In California, fentanyl now behind 1 out of every 5 youth deaths

, by the Mercury News Scooty Nickerson: Fentanyl overdoses are leaving their toll not only in tragically familiar places like San Franciscos gritty Tenderloin district but also inside teenagers bedrooms in some of the Bay Areas most upscale neighborhoods. More and more often, users have no idea the drugs they are taking include fentanyl.

When it comes to crooked colleagues, California lawyers can remain silent

, by the Los Angeles Times Harriet Ryan and Matt Hamilton: The feeling that reporting unethical behavior is disloyal is so prevalent in California that many attorneys and the State Bar, the public agency that polices the legal field, have used mob parlance to refer to the requirement as the snitch or rat rule.

THE COST OF MAINTENANCE S.F. schools face staggering cost to maintain aging buildings: $1.4 billion

, by the San Francisco Chronicles Jill Tucker and Nami Sumida: Over the next five years, San Francisco schools need about $1.4 billion worth of work to address malfunctioning boilers, electrical issues, plumbing problems, floor repairs and other facilities issues, a significant to-do list that doesnt necessarily include replacing heating systems or toilets with more modern and efficient options.

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Law enforcement agencies rush to assess new threats to lawmakers

, by POLITICOs Erin Banco, Sam Stein and Heidi Przybyla: Law enforcement officials across the country are scrambling to assess the threats of physical attacks on politicians or election officials in the coming days, according to two local officials and two other people familiar with the matter.

KEVIN AT THE HELM The Man in the MAGA Middle

, by New York Magazines Ben Jacobs: The question is whether, red wave or not, there will be 218 members who support him for speaker next January and whether they will keep on supporting him for the following two years.


TWITTERS NEW AGE Elon Musk Is Said to Have Ordered Job Cuts Across Twitter

, by the New York Times Kate Conger, Ryan Mac, Sheera Frenkel and Mike Isaac: Elon Musk planned to begin laying off workers at Twitter as soon as Saturday, four people with knowledge of the matter said, with some managers being asked to draw up lists of employees to cut.

Elon Musk tweet promotes baseless anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theory about Paul Pelosi attack

, by the San Francisco Chronicles Demian Bulwa: Three days after completing a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter, Elon Musk used his new platform Sunday morning to spread a bizarre, anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theory about the attack on Paul Pelosi in San Francisco that had been published by a fringe Southern California website.

The hidden danger lurking behind Elon Musks Twitter takeover

, Opines Greg Sargent for the Washington Post: Musks takeover will certainly have international ramifications, if not yet interplanetary ones. But they may not be that sunny.

A message from YES on 26, NO on 27 – Coalition for Safe, Responsible Gaming:


WOAH THERE YouTubes richest creator MrBeast is seeking a $1.5 billion valuation in what could be a massive milestone for influencer-led business

, by Fortunes Alice Hearing.

DNA evidence frees California man imprisoned for decades

, by the AP.

Longtime partner of slain Oakland dentist dies in jail after arrest in murder-for-hire case

, by the San Francisco Chronicles Rachel Swan and Joel Umanzor.

THE BLUE BLUES California Democratic voters arent happy with their party as midterm nears. Heres why

, by the Sacramento Bees David Lightman and Jenavieve Hatch.

L.A. bribery trial spotlights City Hall corruption in run-up to election

, by the Los Angeles Times Michael Finnegan.


TRANSITION Laurie Saroff is now VP of federal relations at the University of Southern California. She most recently was chief of staff to Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.).


Grace and dignity: Beloved longtime Sacramento Bee journalist Janet Vitt dies at 69

, by the Sacramento Bees Michael McGough: Retired Sacramento Bee journalist Janet Vitt, a beloved bon vivant who spent nearly three decades as a reporter and editor for the newspaper, died this week. She was 69.

Roz Wyman, Who Helped Bring the Dodgers to Los Angeles, Dies at 92

, by the New York Times Richard Sandomir: Roz Wyman, who helped lead Los Angeless successful campaign to persuade Walter OMalley, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, to move west after the 1957 season, died on Wednesday at her home in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles.


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