Virginia gubernatorial candidates Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin released their closing ads on Friday. 

The two 30-second ads come four days before Election Day in Virginia on Tuesday. Youngkin’s ad, titled “Our Moment,” zeroes in on the three main pillars of Youngkin’s campaign message: law enforcement, education and the economy. In the ad, Youngkin echoes his previous messages that he is a political outsider and the campaign is a movement. 

“For too long weve been told by the same career politicians that more government control is the answer, but this election isnt about them, its about us,” Youngkin says in the spot. 

McAuliffe’s ad, titled “Ideas,” touts the former governor’s track record leading Virginia through “good ideas.” McAuliffe warns that Youngkin will take Virginia backward, though he does not mention his opponent by name.

“There are those who want to take us back,” McAuliffe says. “Theyre looking to cut money from public education and eliminate a womans right to choose. We cannot let that happen.” 

Ads have flooded Virginia airwaves over the past month as Democrats and Republicans look to get the upper hand in the race, which is seen as a bellwether going into the 2022 midterm elections.