The introduction of VAR is “necessary” in Scottish football, says Aberdeen manager Stephen Glass, with SPFL clubs set to vote on it early next year.

Glass and Motherwell counterpart Graham Alexander were critical of penalties awarded against their sides in Wednesday’s 2-2 draws against Rangers and St Mirren respectively.

Premiership clubs were said to be “overwhelmingly positive” about VAR after talks last month.

“I think it is coming,” said Glass.

“It is necessary, I think it takes away what people would consider to be obvious decisions that people get wrong at times, so hopefully it can be a help for clubs like ourselves.

“It is just important that we get the calls which people consider marginal correct.

“That is important for the benefit of everybody, especially for clubs like ourselves when you are going to difficult away stadiums and there has been some mistakes made. It is important these are made correct.”

All 42 clubs in top top four divisions will vote in a ballot mooted for late February and the Scottish FA has offered to underwrite the training costs for match officials.

The 12 Premiership clubs will share the costs – each paying £60,000 to £80,000 per season – of running VAR across the four tiers.

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou will welcome the introduction of VAR, which he believes is inevitable, and hopes the technology’s implementation will continue to be refined.

“It will happen everywhere and I think when it comes in you embrace it and understand there will still be some issues because that’s been consistent worldwide,” Postecoglou said.

“But ultimately if it gets the majority of the big decisions right it’s a positive.

“If there’s one element of VAR I struggle with, it’s the time it takes to make a decision, particularly around goals and major incidents where you don’t want to take away from the euphoria of something great happening.

“I think that’s improving and the one thing you know about technology is there will be people working on things today that will help in six months with the speed of the process.”