Josh Naylor took Gerrit Cole to task on this beautiful home run and hilarious celebration.

On Sunday, with the Cleveland Guardians down 3-1 in Game 4 of the ALDS against the New York Yankees — but leading the series 2-1 — Naylor blasted a solo shot off of Cole to cut the lead to one in the bottom of the fourth. It was quite the shot to right field as the Guardians looked to shock the Yankees and oust them from the playoffs.

Naylor, however, threw some spice on the home run with this celebration, where he broke out a “rock the baby” move at Cole as he trotted around the bases.


Josh Naylor rocked the baby his whole home run trot

(via @MLB)

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) October 17, 2022

Not only that, it seemed as if Naylor said “that’s my little [expletive] son” about Cole as he was heading towards home plate.

— Jomboy Media (@JomboyMedia) October 17, 2022

What a wild celebration, but it’s one Naylor has used before this season when he hit home runs!

Triston McKenzie talked about Josh Naylor’s rocking the baby celebration earlier this month: “Nayls, when he hits homers off people, he calls them his son. Hence the rocking the baby as he runs around the bases.”

— Mandy Bell (@MandyBell02) October 17, 2022

Sure, the Guardians were still down a run by that point, but what a weekend for home run celebrations. MLB fans approved of Naylor rocking Cole to sleep.

Josh Naylor is a psychopath. I love him. #ForTheLand

— Nick Pedone (@NickPedone12) October 17, 2022


— KevinGohD (@KevinGohD) October 17, 2022

So indescribably happy that a national audience got to watch Josh Naylor hulk out after a homer in the postseason

— Jon Tayler, Top 0.1% On OnlyJons (@JATayler) October 17, 2022