Skinner managed Orlando Pride in the NWSL between 2019 and 2021

Manchester United boss Marc Skinner says coaches and players must continue to “call out misbehaviour” following an investigation into abuse in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

The investigation, published earlier this month, found abuse “had become systemic” in the United States’ NWSL.


Skinner, who coached Orlando Pride before taking over at United in 2021, called the report a “tough read”.

“We need to show support and solidarity at this moment,” Skinner said.

“We have to continue to change, adapt and evolve to make sure nobody goes through this.

“We cannot allow any player, any staff or anyone involved in the work place to go through this.”

An independent investigation was launched last year following allegations made against North Carolina Courage’s English head coach Paul Riley, who was sacked.

As well as examining claims against Riley, who denies the accusations, the report looks into allegations against two other coaches, American Rory Dames and Northern Irishman Christy Holly.

Following a separate investigation, Orlando Pride’s head coach Amanda Cromwell and assistant coach Sam Greene were sacked on Monday after “engaging in retaliatory conduct” towards players who had complained about them in a previous investigation.

Skinner praised players’ and coaches’ “bravery” for speaking out against abuse and misconduct>

“It’s important coaches and players continue to call out misbehaviour,” added Skinner.

“That’s how we can continue to evolve this conversation and not just see it as a moment in time.

“Anybody involved in the responsibility of a vulnerable adult or children coming into the game, we have to be responsible, speak up and not allow others to go through the same thing.”