A landmark ruined property in Shetland has been transformed into a spooky Halloween attraction.

Park Hall at Bixter, 20 miles (32km) from Lerwick, was built for a doctor in the early 20th Century, and is now roofless with boarded up windows on the ground floor.

Shetland-based artist Balazs Onhausz has created a display of TV show and horror film characters to raise money for a local community’s efforts to buy a disused church.


Mr Onhausz painted on waterproof plastic canvases that he makes from empty one tonne salmon feed bags.

The set of 10 paintings include Scooby Doo and characters from films including The Addams Family, Gremlins and It. Each artwork took eight hours on average to complete.

Mr Onhausz said: “I love Halloween just like a lot of other people do and wanted to do some kind of artwork to celebrate it.

“Ive kept an eye on that old, abandoned, spooky building for a long time, wanting to utilise it for an art display.”

He added: “I tried to pick characters that both kids and adults would recognise and enjoy.”

Park Hall is owned by Shetland Amenity Trust and is listed on the Buildings at Risk Register for Scotland.