The oversight board at Facebook oversight board says it will review the social media giants XCheck system following a report from the Wall Street Journal, which found it allows VIP users to use the platform exempt from most or all of its rules and regulations.

The report from the Journal found that some VIP users are freely posting material including harassment and incitement to violence that would typically lead to sanctions without oversight or consequences bestowed on other users who violate these Facebook user policies.

One example highlighted in the report includes when Brazilian soccer player Neymar posted nude photos and video of a woman who accused him of rape in 2019. Though the post violates Facebooks rules on nonconsensual intimate imagery, Neymars XCheck prevented the companys moderators from removing the images for more than a day.

Users identified as qualifying for the XCheck include those deemed newsworthy, PR risky, and influential or popular. The WSJ reports that by 2020 there were 5.8 million accounts included on the XCheck list.

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone told the WSJ in a written statement that the criticisms of XCheck were fair, but said that the system was designed for an important reason: to create an additional step so we can accurately enforce policies on content that could require more understanding.

Facebook hasnt responded to The Hills request for comment at this time.