She-Hulk director Kat Coiro has revealed that she doesn’t officially know where the upcoming Marvel TV show fits on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) timeline.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar during She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s global press junket, Coiro was unable to give a definitive answer as to where the Disney Plus show fits on the increasingly muddled timeline.

Ever since the Avengers’ time travel escapades in Endgame, not to mention the five-year time jump between Avengers: Infinity War and its successor (i.e. Endgame), Marvel fans have become increasingly confused about how the MCU timeline operates. When projects such as WandaVision and Falcon and The Winter Soldier kicked off the MCU Phase 4 slate, fans had a vague idea of where every Marvel movie and TV series sat on the MCU’s main timeline. 


However, the waters have become increasingly muddied with each new production. Now, fans don’t know where superhero films like Thor: Love and Thunder, or shows like Ms Marvel, fit into the MCU’s overarching narrative, so MCU aficionados (us included) have resorted to guessing where these properties lie on the timeline.

Coiro is among that number, too. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia director revealed that she had an idea of where She-Hulk’s TV show fits into the MCU. But, given the complexities involved, Coiro explained that there’s only one person who definitively knows the answer.

“I have a lot of ideas,” she said when we asked about She-Hulk’s place on the MCU timeline. “But, so I don’t get arrested by the Marvel police, I always say that that’s a better question for [Marvel Studios president] Kevin [Feige]. He holds the entire MCU in his brain. And we all defer to him.”

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Coiro isn’t the first Marvel director, writer, or producer who isn’t privy to a breakdown of the Marvel timeline. Thor 4 helmer Taika Waititi has claimed that the god of thunder’s latest solo movie takes place in 2027 (per GamesRadar (opens in new tab)), but that seems too far ahead of where other recent Marvel Phase 4 projects may be set. Meanwhile, Sana Amanat, Ms Marvel co-creator and executive producer on the character’s Disney Plus series, couldn’t place where Kamala Khan’s live-action debut takes place (via The Direct (opens in new tab)). Amanat suggests it’s sometime in 2025 but, again, there hasn’t been official confirmation of this from Feige or Marvel’s executive team.

Suffice to say, fans who continue to try and work out where each new Marvel movie and TV show fits on the MCU timeline are likely to become increasingly frustrated. If only Marvel Studios would provide us with a full breakdown of its main timeline…

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