Theres a first time for everything, and sometimes that first time marks a big leap.

This year, 21 companies will make their debut on the Fortune Global 500 listour annual ranking of the worlds biggest companies as measured by revenue. This year, cracking the list meant bringing in at least $29 billion in the fiscal year that ended on or before March 31, 2022. It also means joining a group that includes Walmart, Amazon, and Apple. 

The companies that made it onto the list for the first time this year are scattered all over the world, and are involved in sectors ranging from transportation to health care to engineering and construction. Asia dominated the list of first timers, with 12 companies, while Europe had five. The U.S. had only two new additions: used-car seller CarMax, and conglomerate Danaher. Company revenues from the previous year range as high as $172 billion. 


These are the 21 first-timers on the Global 500 this year.

1. Sinochem Holdings 

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 31Industry: ChemicalsRevenue: $172 billionCountry/Territory: China

2. Life Insurance Corp. of India 

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 98Industry: Insurance Revenue: $97 billionCountry/Territory: India

3. Susun Construction Group

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 299Industry: Engineering and ConstructionRevenue: $46 billionCountry/Territory:China

4. Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 336Industry: MetalsRevenue: $41 billion Country/Territory:China

5. Cenovus Energy

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 384Industry: Mining Revenue: $37 billionCountry/Territory:Canada

6. Kuehne + Nagel International

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 396Industry: Transportation and LogisticsRevenue: $36 billionCountry/Territory:Switzerland

7. Raízen

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 398Industry: Petroleum Refining Revenue: $36 billionCountry/Territory:Brazil

8. Shudao Investment Group 

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 413Industry: Engineering and ConstructionRevenue: $35 billion Country/Territory:China

9. Hunan Iron & Steel Group

Fortune Global 500: 421 Industry: Metals Revenue: $34 billion Country/Territory:China

10. CarMax

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 432Industry: Automotive RetailingRevenue: $33 billion Country/Territory:U.S.

11. Xinjiang Zhongtai Group

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 434Industry: Chemicals Revenue: $33 billionCountry/Territory:China

12. BYD 

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 436Industry: Motor Vehicles and PartsRevenue: $33 billionCountry/Territory:China

13. S.F. Holding 

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 441Industry: Transportation and LogisticsRevenue: $32 billionCountry/Territory:China

14. Shandong Hi-Speed Group 

Fortune 500 Global Rank: 458Industry: Transportation and LogisticsRevenue: $31 billionCountry/Territory:China

15. Investor 

Fortune 500 Global Rank: 461Industry: Diversified Financials Revenue: $31 billionCountry/Territory:Sweden

16. Chengdu Xingcheng Investment Group

Fortune 500 Global Rank: 466Industry: Engineering and ConstructionRevenue: $31 billionCountry/Territory:China

17. Shanghai Delong Steel Group

Fortune 500 Global Rank: 469Industry: MetalsRevenue: $30 billionCountry/Territory:China

18. Mercadona

Fortune 500 Global Rank: 471Industry: Food and Drug Stores Revenue: $30 billionCountry/Territory:Spain

19. Danaher 

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 486Industry: Medical Products and Equipment Country/Territory: $29 billion Country: U.S.

20. DSV

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 496Industry: Mail, Package, and Freight Delivery Revenue: $29 billionCountry/Territory:Denmark

21. Umicore 

Fortune Global 500 Rank: 500Industry: Chemicals Revenue: $29 billion Country/Territory:Belgium

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