Apple TV Plus looks like it’s ready to challenge the streaming elite for a place at the top table.

The company’s streaming platform has amassed plenty of plaudits with its heart warming soccer-based series Ted Lasso, and it appears that Apple TV Plus is set to build on that success with its next big TV offering.

Foundation, Apple’s live-action adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s ground breaking sci-fi novels, has finally received a release date and it’s coming sooner than we thought.

Foundation will arrive on Apple TV Plus on September 24, which is only three months away at this point. This was revealed alongside a new trailer for the project. 

The latest video, which was uploaded to Apple TV Plus’ social media channels on June 28, provides a better look at what Foundation’s plot will entail. 

The series, which looks like a sci-fi epic of Game of Thrones proportions, will star Jared Harris as Hari Seldon, a mathematician who tells the Galactic Empire’s rulers that, unless humanity alters its path from its current trajectory, its galaxy-spanning empire will falter and be destroyed for 30,000 years.

Check out the new trailer below:

(Image credit: Apple TV/Twitter)

It may come as no surprise for you to learn that Asimov’s Foundation novel series was hugely influential on some of pop culture’s biggest phenomenons. 

The author’s books inspired the likes of Star Wars and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Judging by the latest footage, too, it certainly has a Game of Thrones vibe about it, what with the sheer amount of characters and politicking on display.

Apple, then, will be hoping that audiences tune in and make Foundation their next go-to TV series, as it searches for another crossover hit. It has the potential to be that, but it’s worth bearing in mind that Foundation won’t be released until the first wave of free Apple TV Plus subscriptions have expired.

According to CNET, Apple repeatedly extended users’ free trial subscriptions whenever they purchased a new Apple device. However, most of those subscriptions are due to end on July 1, which means you’ll have to pay to watch Ted Lasso season 2 and Foundation when they arrive.

If you’re in that category, you’ll have to stump up a monthly fee just like you do for Disney Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video if you want to watch Foundation. Currently, Apple TV Plus costs $4.99 per month, which isn’t bad when you take the prices of its competitors into account.

You can check when your subscription expires by heading to the Settings app on your iPhone or Apple TV device. It seems, though, that most subscribers will have to pay for the privilege of watching Foundation when it eventually arrives.

Foundation season 1 will launch exclusively on Apple TV Plus on Friday, September 24.