Schools could see their supply chain for meals disrupted if the United Kingdom fails to address a lack of truck drivers, The Guardian reported Saturday.

The Sheffield City Council contacted schools last week informing them that they might have to use dry pasta and fish fingers among other emergency standby ingredients for school meals, according to the news outlet.

The city council also explained that schools may have to change their menus to accommodate the lack of food supply as a result of fewer drivers.

Some last-minute changes may have to be made to menus This is clearly not what anyone would want in the last weeks of the school year, the city councils letter said, according to The Guardian.

The chief executive of the Road Haulage Association and representatives from other organizations sent a letter to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday to address the lack of truck drivers, which they said was due to in part to COVID-19 and Brexit. 

In the letter, it noted that there had been a shortage of over 60,000 workers before the pandemic. But because of factors like COVID-19 and Brexit, that number jumped to 100,000, which the letter noted was a crisis point. The letter also noted that the lack of drivers could have major implications for the food supply chain.

We firmly believe that intervention from the Prime Minister / Cabinet Office is the only way that we will be able to avert critical supply chains failing at an unprecedented and unimaginable level. Supermarkets are already reporting that they are not receiving their expected food stocks and, as a result, there is considerable wastage., the letter said.

The letter said some ways the UK prime minister could tackle this issue is if a temporary work visa for HGV drivers was introduced and for a taskforce to be introduced that would work with the industry on skills shortages, among other goals.