There’s a GameStop PS5 restock happening today, May 12, and we’ll send you an alert as soon as it’s back in stock thanks to PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider   if you follow his Twitter account and turn on notifications.

  • When? Follow Matt Swider, our PS5 restock Twitter tracker for notifications about when the impending GameStop PS5 restock is live.
  • Do not buy from other Twitter users which are all scams. Only buy from the websites Matt points you to. No one is looking to eagerly sell a console for just $550.

While we’re a week out from the rumored Target PS5 restock, we can confirm that there will be a GameStop PS5 restock this afternoon in the US. It’s limited to PS5 bundles, according to the game retailer, meaning you’ll have to pay for either games or accessories (or both) if you really want the console.

The good news is that PS5 bundles at GameStop often last longer than standalone consoles. Both the PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital Edition are expected during this restock.

Here’s the GameStop PS5 restock alert we just sent out:

⚠️PS5 restock happening SOON at 🛑GAMESTOP🛑SOON: PS5 bundles’ll APPEAR SOON, not yet SOON)💸U can’t tip me, but follow my work + refer me to friends🌊Happens in waves⛔Don’t refresh too much⏰Don’t give up😅Persistence > Speed🍀Good luck 12, 2021