President Joe Biden said Vladimir Putin should be

tried for war crimes as the U.S. and European Union consider more sanctions to further punish Russiathis time for an alleged mass killing of civilians thats fueled global outrage. The EU condemned atrocities committed against Ukrainian civilians that were discovered as Russia withdrew from around Kyiv, including allegations of

torture and executions. Ukraine said more than


400 dead civilians have been found in the towns around Kyiv. In a statement on behalf of the 27-nation bloc, EU chief foreign envoy Josep Borrell blamed the occupying Russian forces for the dead bodies seen strewn across the streets of Bucha. The Russian authorities are responsible for these atrocities, committed while they had effective control of the area, Borrell said. The massacres in the 

town of Bucha and other Ukrainian towns will be inscribed in the list of

atrocities committed on European soil.Ukraine said Moscows attacks were ongoing, including on the besieged port city of Mariupol as well as Odessa, as the worlds attention focused on what Ukraines President Volodymyr Zelenskiywho just visited Buchasaid was evidence of

Russian-perpetrated genocide. The Kremlin has denied the allegations. The Defense Ministry in Kyiv and U.S. officials said Russia is regrouping to gain a tactical

advantage in the east and south, storing fuel and organizing hospitals for an influx of wounded as it prepares for a new offensive. Zelenskiy has called for tougher sanctions against Russia when the G-7 meets this week. But despite global condemnation of Putin and a corporate exodus, some Russian products are still in demand. The metals industry, for example, is still buying up Russian supply.