The new season of Fortnite is underway with a fresh batch of skins to boot, and a couple of them look familiar in a ‘deliciously different’ kinda way.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2’s Battle pass is brimming with new skins, including Marvel’s Doctor Strange. But if looking at The Imagined has you hankering for a hot honey chicken biscuit, you’re not the only one. As @HeyStani on Twitter pointed out, she looks a lot like a certain fiery-haired fast food queen… Think Wendy’s, not Ronald.

Hey @Wendys really like your new skin in Fortnite Season 2 21, 2022


The side-by-side sparked a back and forth in the thread, but the Photoshopped Wendy’s meal with The Imagined’s face plastered over it is by far the best contribution to the conversation. If only because it looks so unsettling.

Wendy’s herself chimed in, agreeing that Fortnite’s The Imagined is her doppelganger. Retweeting the original tweet, Wendy’s said “Update: they added goats to Fortnite”.

Wendy isn’t the only familiar face among the latest batch of skins. The Origin is also getting called out for his resemblance to Destiny’s Commander Zavala.  

Uhh, so Fortnite has added an unofficial Zavala skin with the new Season | #Destiny2 21, 2022

There’s not a particularly huge swathe of bald, blue men in video games, so the similarities are causing quite the stir. The backlash seems to be a lot more negative as well – for a couple of reasons. 

First off, Epic doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to not so subtly co-opting other IPs. Whether it’s emotes that capitalize off other creators work, or aping gameplay mechanics from popular titles (*cough* Among Us *cough*). 

Some people in the thread think blue baldies should be regarded with the same indifference as any of the generic video game dude bros out there. But others aren’t so forgiving. It doesn’t help that The Origin’s outfit looks like Zavala’s in Destiny’s cinematic trailer.  

Ultimately there’s not enough there to be getting riled up about, and accusations of Epic ‘stealing’ content hold a lot more water by comparison. So just enjoy prancing around as the Wish version of Zavala, and Wendy in her rebellious teen phase.