Hours-long lines were seen at gas stations across Cuba on Monday as the country continues to face an economic crisis. 

The lines were noted in the Capital city of Havana which is in the Matanzas province that is reportedly rationing fuel, Reuters reported. 

Geobel Quintero, a program coordinator for the province, told local media the shortage stems from distribution issues with state-run company Transcupet as they are only using 62 percent of its trucks to get fuel to gas stations.


“This is not a consequence of a fuel deficit in the country,” Quintero said. “This is a temporary problem.”

Cuba has previously blamed the U.S. for its fuel issues, saying it is caused by sanctions the U.S. has placed on the country, according to Reuters. 

After word about rationing in Matanzas spread Sunday, people went out in other areas to get gas.

The panic buying led to limited fuel availability on Monday, causing the hours-long waits at some stations.

“I’ve been here since 7 this morning and now it’s 11:30, four hours,” Cuban citizen Jorge Paez said, Reuters noted. “This is a situation that repeats itself every three months … and the problem is never resolved.”