AC-12 has a fresh face and a new target in series 6 of gripping police drama Line of Duty. We detail below how you can watch Line of Duty season 6 online, and enjoy all seven episodes free in the UK and stream them from anywhere in the world.

Eager young detective constable Chloe Bishop is trying to prove herself to her battle-scarred colleagues as the dysfunctional anti-corruption unit focuses its glare on the enigmatic DCI Jo Davidson (the ever-exceptional Kelly Macdonald), the senior investigating officer on a murder case.

The events of season five means the dynamic is a little awkward, but our favourite bent copper-catching trio Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and DS Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) are back on the case – but even they’re struggling to know what to make of DCI Davidson.

Jo has been handed the reins for the investigation into the murder of Gail Vella, an investigative journalist. It’s a high-profile case that has left detectives scratching their heads for a year, but when new information about a potential suspect comes to light, Jo’s bizarre conduct makes it appear as if she doesn’t intend to bring Vella’s killer to justice after all.

Is Jo up to no good, or she actually on the right side of the line? You don’t have long to find out, as we explain how to watch Line of Duty season 6 online from anywhere – and completely FREE on the BBC for those located in the UK.

How to watch Line of Duty season 6 online FREE in the UK

Line of Duty season 7 will premiere on BBC One at 9pm GMT on Sunday, 21 March. There are seven episodes in total, with each instalment of this dark police curruption drama available to watch at the same time every week – the final episode airs on May 2.

Dont have a TV or cable provider? With BBC iPlayer you can live-stream Line of Duty, or enjoy it a few hours later on-demand. Its a completely FREE service – however, you should be a possession of a valid UK TV license, as these now cover digital content consumption, too.

Not in the UK right now?Just use a VPN to alter your IP address so you can stream your favourite TV shows and films online just like you would at home – only from anywhere.

For anyone abroad right now wanting to watch Line of Duty, youll likely be unable to watch series 6 due to annoying regional restrictions.

Fortunately, theres a simple solution. Downloading a VPN will allow you to stream Line of Duty online no matter where you are. The simple bit of software changes your IP address, meaning that you can access on-demand content or live TV just as if you were at home.

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Once installed, just pick the location of your home country, and click connect. Youll then be free to enjoy Line of Duty online, no matter where you are.

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How to watch Line of Duty online in the US

There’s no word yet on a US release for Line of Duty season 6, but we have seen rumors of a mid-May launch. 

In the meantime, you can catch up on season 1-5 of the acclaimed police corruption drama on Acorn TV, which looks like the likeliest home of season 6. 

Handily, you can also access AcornTV on Amazon Prime Video in the US. And the news just keeps getting better… you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial. Perfect if you were hoping to binge your way through all those tension-filled old episodes of Line of Duty.

Outside of the US? Watch Line of Duty just like you would at home with a good VPN.

How to watch Line of Duty season 6 online in Australia

Line of Duty season 6 will be exclusive to BritBox when it premieres in Australia on Thursday, April 1. 

The streaming service is packed with classic British comedy and drama, and costs AU$8.99 per month or AU$89.99, but you can take advantage of a 7-day FREE trial.

If you’re abroad and worried that geo-blocking will stop you from watching Line of Duty like you normally would, don’t worry – just use a VPN to point yourself back Down Under and you’ll be able to stream as usual.

How to watch Line of Duty online in Canada

Canadians can watch seasons 1-5 of Line of Duty an Amazon Prime Video sub, which of course offers a FREE 30-day Prime Video trial, so you can watch everything else it has to offer without paying a cent.

After that, a subscription costs just $7.99 per month, or $79 if you want to commit to a year. Strangely, Netflix also has all those episodes as well.

In the meantime, remember that anyone in Canada from abroad can always check out a good VPN to watch TV shows and films on the same services they’d normally use at home.