GoodHire is one of the most capable background check services available for businesses. With this platform, you can deeply screen potential employees to identity red flags around their credit history, along with past criminal and civil violations. You can also verify critical details like their identity and educational background. The biggest downside to GoodHire is that it can be very pricey if you only need to run a few background checks.

In our GoodHire review, well cover everything you need to know about this online background check service.

These are the plan options available at GoodHire (Image credit: GoodHire)

Plans and pricing

GoodHire is more transparent about its pricing than many other background check services. There are three prepackaged plans, plus a number of add-ons you can choose from.

The Basic plan costs $29.99 per search and includes a Social Security number trace, a nationwide criminal database search, and a Sex Offender Registry search. The Standard plan, for $54.99 per search, adds a search of county court records for up to three counties and a check of the US domestic watch list. A Premium search costs $79.99 and includes verification of the subjects education and employment history. Note that each of these plans requires a one-time setup fee of $49.99.

You can also purchase additional searches with any plan. The list of options is extensive, but to give some examples: a credit report costs $14.99, a healthcare sanctions search costs $4.99 to $8.99, and a motor vehicle record search costs $14.99.

If you need to run more than 25 background checks, you can negotiate with GoodHire for a volume discount.


GoodHire stands out in several key ways. To start, it offers an extremely comprehensive list of database searches. Instead of just getting a high-level overview of a job candidates criminal history, you can dive into past charges and court cases at the county level. In addition, GoodHire enables you to verify a subjects claimed degrees and past employers. Of course, more fundamental checks for credit history and motor vehicle history are also available.

GoodHire offers more than 100 background check services (Image credit: GoodHire)

One of the nice things about this platform is that the background check process is highly transparent. The service recommends that the candidate who is being screened submit the background check request (after it has been paid for by your company) to ensure that they are aware of the process and that all legal requirements are met. GoodHire automatically sends a copy of its report to candidates, even if they dont request one. The platform also has an interface where individuals can run a background check on themselves before applying to jobs.

Another positive tool that GoodHire provides for employers and candidates is its Comments for Context feature. This offers candidates a chance to comment on any adverse records that surface during the background check.

Its worth noting that some of GoodHires records searches take longer than the company estimates. Basic searches are typically finished in one to two days, but pulling county court and motor vehicle records can take up to a week. Education and employment verification can also take several days.

Interface and in use

GoodHire is extremely easy to use, both to initiate a background check and to evaluate the results. When you create an account, your business is verified by GoodHire to ensure that you are a legitimate employer. That only takes a few minutes, and then youre ready to set up a new records search.

GoodHires dashboard makes it easy to spot alerts and process background checks for multiple candidates (Image credit: GoodHire)

Search results are displayed in a well-organized online dashboard. If youre running background checks for multiple candidates, you can clearly see how many searches are returned with no red flags, how many turned up alerts, and how many are still in progress. Individual check results are organized by search type, so you can easily jump to any databases that turned up alerts.

GoodHire integrates with several popular HR software platforms, including Jobvite, GetHired, and BambooHR. The service also has an API, which you can take advantage of if your HR department uses a custom system for tracking job applicants.

GoodHire offers a detailed online support center (Image credit: GoodHire)


GoodHire offers phone support during US Pacific business hours. The companys website also has a large documentation center where youll find answers to common questions and more explanation about the searches that GoodHire offers. The knowledgebase doesnt include detailed tutorials, but this isnt likely to be a major issue given how easy GoodHires online platform is to use.


GoodHire focuses more on legal compliance than security. The platform is fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and helps employers comply with ban-the-box laws where applicable. Based on your businesss location, GoodHire will automatically require candidates authorization to run a background check or present you with any necessary forms for compliance.

GoodHire integrates with most common HR software (Image credit: GoodHire)

The competition

GoodHires biggest downside is that its pricey, especially if you only need a few background checks. Checkr offers many of the same database searches at a lower price point and with no setup fees. For example, a search that is roughly equivalent to GoodHires Standard background check costs $29 at Checkr. However, Checkr often takes longer to produce results for similar searches.

Final verdict

GoodHire is a high-quality service for running a background check on job applicants. The platform is extremely simple to use and integrates with most common HR software. GoodHire provides a wide range of search options and goes above and beyond compliance with all relevant state and federal laws. The service can be very expensive for one-time use, but it becomes more affordable if you can negotiate a discounted volume rate.