What You Need To Know

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Kominers’s Conundrums will not run this weekend, so we are giving everyone an extra week to solve our Pi Day puzzle! Solutions are now welcome until midnight New York time on Thursday, March 25. Please email [email protected] with your answers.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do once you’ve corrected Donald’s geometry mistakes, you might think about whether there’s any way to convert those corrected numbers into letters! If you work that out, you’ll be halfway to the answer.

Why It Matters

I love puzzles of all forms. So much so that at least once a year I spend an entire weekend solving a massive puzzle competition that unfolds across a college campus.

But I havent forgotten the barriers to enjoying puzzles in the first place. They can be dense even impenetrable when you start out.

So at the start of the pandemic, I set out on a mission: to craft a series of puzzles for the Bloomberg audience.

Through this experience, I’ve shared some of my favorite types of puzzles. I’ve created dozens to date; each one of them brings me joy, especially when I receive feedback about how you’re solving them often with friends and family, and in creative and unexpected ways.

Whether this is the first time you’re encountering a puzzle or your thousandth, welcome to this world of Conundrums that are bound to perplex and challenge your brain. By signing up for this StoryThread, youll be notified over email about all of my latest puzzles, as well as the solutions to previous ones.