Samsung has announced that its ‘2021 Neo QLED’ has become the first TV to receive certification for ‘Gaming TV Performance’ from a coveted German institute.

Samsung’s Neo QLED has been bestowed the certification by ‘Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE)’, a respected electrical engineering certification institute in Germany.

Four models from Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED lineup  — QN900, QN800, QN90, QN85 — have received the certification, according to a press release from the company. 

The Neo QLED TVs have been given the distinction for ‘Low Input Lag and ‘HDR with brightness of higher than 1,000 nits. 

HDR tech for gamers

Samsung said that each of the TVs went through a rigorous testing process, ultimately earning the certification for less than 10ms of input lag during every scene of gameplay. 

Input lag refers to the period of time from when an electrical signal is sent from the game pad to when it is displayed on the screen. A TV with lower input lag will provide gamers with a more immersive gaming experience.

On the brightness certification, FreeSync Premium Pro adds to the HDR support, making bright scenes brighter and dark scenes darker to offer optimized contrast. HDR technology is often considered as one of the most important features among gamers.

Tailor-made gaming features in Neo QLED TVs

Samsungs Neo QLED TVs boast of other gaming features, too like deeper blacks and color expression due to 12-bit backlight control. Wide Game View and Game Bar, both industry firsts, give gamers the option to play PC games at both a 21:9 wide aspect ratio and the ultra-immersive 32:9 ratio.

These QLED TVs also deliver fast game motion at 120Hz with Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, even during gameplay with fixed UI. Sound has also been enhanced through AI-based surround-sound and object tracking sound (OTS+), delivering the ultimate immersive gaming experience.