Fox Business host Larry Kudlow joined “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday and slammed President Biden’s tax proposal as straight from the “left-wing playbook” that will stop economic recovery “dead in its tracks.”

Let’s take a typical family income that rose to $66,000 under Trump. That’s a record high. In two years, the middle class family increased their income after tax by $6500. That is about five times more than Obama-Biden did for their entire eight years. I say this because this is rooted in facts – this is largely a fact fee argument from the left. 

Also, it tells you that if you repeal these taxes on corporations, small businesses and capital gains, for example, you are going to take away the benefits to the middle class and the lower middle class. That’s a key area, the lower middle class. I think the bottom 20% quintile had something like 15% or 20% increase in wages. Nothing like that occurred at the top end. It’s a straw horse to say they don’t pay their fair share.