All clubs must have played 18 games by 23 April for a league split to be triggered

Scottish clubs in Leagues 1 and 2 will vote on a proposed 22-match season, with a split after 18 games.

Fixtures have been released for a 20 March resumption after both divisions were suspended in January because of the rising prevalence of coronavirus.

Both campaigns had originally been scheduled for 27 games, down from the usual 36.

The vote must be carried by at least eight of the clubs in each of the 10-team leagues.

With some teams having played as few as eight matches, the SPFL board had suggested a revised 18-game structure.

However, a steering group made up of representatives from both divisions pushed for a 22-game alternative.

All clubs have been asked to return their votes “as soon as possible”.

No team will be asked to play more than four matches in any eight consecutive days.

The inter-divisional play-offs between the Championship, League 1 and League 2 will start on 8 May, three days later than first planned.

What happens if there are further delays?

In the event that any club has not completed 18 fixtures by 23 April, then the split will be done away with and the competition will be decided over 18 games.

If any club cannot fulfil 18 fixtures by 6 May, then the final standings will be calculated on a points-per-game basis.

If 18 games are played by all but the post-split fixtures cannot be completed by 6 May, points-per-game will be the deciding factor for promotion, play-offs and relegation.