A Colorado man is facing federal charges after he allegedly refused to wear a mask while onboard an Alaska Airlines flight and urinated in the cabin during an interaction with airline employees, according to a new report. 

Police say 24-year-old Landon Grier of Canon City swatted at a flight attendant who asked him to wear a mask as he attempted to sleep on the flight from Seattle to Denver, according to the Associated Press.

The FAA requires all domestic passengers traveling on U.S. airliners to wear face coverings at all times while traveling. 

Later, another passenger called flight attendants back to Grier’s area of the cabin because he was urinating in his seat area.

Grier reportedly admitted to drinking before boarding the plane and told FBI investigators he “awoke to being yelled at by the flight attendants who told him he was peeing.”

“He stated he had no recollection of hitting the flight attendant and didn’t know if he was peeing,” police said in an incident report.

“We will not tolerate any disturbance onboard our aircraft or at any of the airports we serve,” Alaska Airlines said in a statement to the AP. 

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, airliners have seen dozens of instances of travelers refusing to wear face coverings or comply with other public health measures.