People in Scotland have paid tribute to Sarah Everard, lighting candles at home and tying ribbons to park fences.

After planned vigils by Reclaim These Streets were moved online, event organisers in Glasgow asked people to leave their tributes at locations around the city and go home safely.

A small number of people gathered to light candles at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, but Police Scotland said they left shortly afterwards.

The Scottish government had warned that any vigil in a public place would go against coronavirus restrictions.

image captionNotes and ribbons were tied to the gates of Queen’s Park in Glasgow’s southside

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image captionRed ribbons were tied to the Mary Barbour statue in Govan. She was a key player in fighting rent increases imposed by Glasgow landlords during World War One.

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image captionFirst Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was “struck” by this tribute left in Glasgow’s Queen’s Park to Moira Jones, who was murdered in 2008. She also tweeted a picture of a candle lit to remember “Sarah, and all the others”

image captionCandles are lit outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, where a small number of people gathered.

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image captionAlice Black captured this image of notes in Kelvingrove Park paying tribute to Sarah Everard

image copyrightAlice Black

image captionA poignant image from George Square in Glasgow, where floral tributes were left on benches

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image captionDayna Miller visited Kelvingrove Park on Saturday and said it was “important and moving” to see so many tributes

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image captionPeople attach notes to the gates of Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park

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