The Samsung Galaxy A52, one of two mid-range smartphones Samsung is expected to officially unveil at an upcoming event

on March 17, may have just been revealed in an unboxing video.

Weve heard a lot about both the Samsung A72 and the A52 in a fairly comprehensive collection of leaks and rumors up to this point, but we havent seen either of them out in the real world until now, if this video from YouTuber Moboaesthetics is to be believed. 

As always, we cant speak to the authenticity of anything appearing in a YouTube video, but this does seem like a real Samsung phone. Moboaesthetics takes pains to show everything in what appears to be an unopened box, cutting tamper-proof seals and painstakingly unwrapping plastic covers before walking through the phones entire setup process. Wed be surprised if anything was falsified.

The purported Samsung A52 does look different than its predecessor, but only from the back with its new arrangement of quad rear cameras. Moboaesthetics claims the back is plastic, though the camera bump seems to be seamlessly integrated with the rear cover rather than in a distinct block.

Otherwise, some of the details pointed out in the video support what weve seen before: quad rear cameras with a 64MP shooter along with 8MP, 2MP, and 5MP other cameras (presumably main, ultra-wide, depth, and macro lenses). The supposed A52’s box did have 5G prominently displayed, and the video goes on to assert that it packs a Snapdragon 750G chipset. This follows leaks we’ve heard with this configuration for the 5G-capable version and other rumors that a Snapdragon 720G chipset is coming in the 4G-only model. 

The last tidbit from the unboxing: the phone did come with a 25W charging brick in-box, though not headphones, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S21 series that included neither. Its unknown whether this will be the case in all regions.

While render and specs leaks

suggest both phones will be improved versions of their earlier models, this is the most complete look at the A52 weve had thus far, and we could see more before the Samsung Unpacked event on March 17. As it is, weve seen both accidentally revealed

on Samsungs Middle East website, but were still waiting to see the A72 in the real world, too.

Weve heard plenty about the A72 and were especially curious how many of its rumored features, like the previously flagship-only 30x Space Zoom

, will also come to the A52. Prior generations of both phones have seen the A70-phones with slightly better features and commensurately higher prices than the A50-phones, so were expecting the same for the A72 and A52, but we wont be absolutely sure until both are publicly revealed. 

Via XDA Developers