We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme “I made this”. Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

image copyrightRavi Ranjan

image captionRavi Ranjan: “Art on the beach – twisting a champagne bottle cork and muselet into a 3D doodle.”

image copyrightEllie Clark

image captionEllie Clark: “After my grandpa passed away in February 2020 I was looking for a way to commemorate him. With the extra time I ended up having during lockdown I decided to paint his and my grandma’s portrait, even though I had limited experience painting faces.”

image copyrightTrish Spence

image captionTrish Spence: “I made this ceramic vase during the first lockdown as a sample of sgraffito technique for my online students. ‘Lest we forget’ is covered in coronavirus-related words, with no repeats.”

image copyrightKevin Wilson

image captionKevin Wilson: “My wife and I live in Bangalore, India. We wanted to add something pretty and meaningful to the entrance of our house. We decided to make a mosaic out of scrap tiles. The rainbow and a dove, a symbol of hope to all that visit our home.”

image copyrightRichard Hughes

image captionRichard Hughes: “It was still our secret at the time that my gorgeous wife was pregnant and we created this image with sparklers on Bonfire Night to celebrate. Everything’s going great and cannot wait to meet our little baby in May.”

image copyrightRoger Shezall

image captionRoger Shezall: “Not quite finished but, this would be a rather nice candlestick. I love how the camera has caught the chips flying off the lathe.”

image copyrightHelen Cocksedge

image captionHelen Cocksedge: “I made this stained glass panel depicting the Northern Lights following a trip to Iceland – a memory of my last foreign holiday before lockdowns started.”

image captionElly: “I love fusing glass in my spare time. And making jewellery. Making nice and useful things is rewarding.”

image captionLela Rowe: “When I found out my friend had once given my partner this beautiful piece of silicon carbide, I asked said friend about it. He said he had a big chunk and would break me some off (forgetting it’s an incredible hard and brittle material), so instead he ended up shattering it into a million pieces, which he then sent to me to create a miniature figures world. It sat on a shelf for a week waiting for the right lighting to bring out the colours in the carborundum. Finally… The Carborundum Discovery was born!”

image copyrightJosephine Brooks

image captionJosephine Brooks: “A giant insect hotel, handmade from junk (or treasure?) I’ve collected over years and years.”

image copyrightCaren McCaleb

image captionCaren McCaleb: “I make faces out of the stuff I see while walking my dogs. I spotted this shy little lump of dirt on a hike in Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, California. He just needed eyes and a mouth to come to life.”

image copyrightJohn and Caroline Howe

image captionJohn and Caroline Howe: “Our igloo!”

image copyrightLisa Whittleworth

image captionLisa Whittleworth: This is my Covid lockdown self-portrait in the medium of fabric and wool glued to paper.”

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