YouTube has pulled 30,000 videos for sharing misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines, Axiosreports

. Details on the takedowns come six months after the company first updated its policies to address misinformation

about the coronavirus vaccines.

Prior to October, YouTube had more general coronavirus misinformation policies, but those didnt specifically address vaccines. The company has taken down more than 800,000 videos for spreading coronavirus misinformation since last February, according to Axios.

But as vaccine availability has increased, the issue of vaccine misinformation has become more urgent

for platforms. Facebook

and Twitter

have also expanded their policies to combat misinformation about the vaccines in recent months. But unlike Facebook, which announced plans to curb misinformation about all


, YouTubes policies only address a specific subset of claims about the COVID-19 vaccines that contradict official guidance from the World Health Organization and other authorities.