TechCrunch Sessions: Justice covered a wide variety of topics. From DEI to labor to accessibility, the sessions went deep on the issues that matter most in the tech world.

For example, we had an illuminating conversation with Arlan Hamilton around how to find the next unicorn. Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who has represented Oakland and the surrounding East Bay cities for more than two decades, discussed equity in tech and the ‘pipeline problem.’ We even sat down with the heads of DEI at behemoths like Netflix, Facebook and Uber to hear their thoughts on growing diversity within the tech space.

If you didn’t have a chance to join us last week, you can still check out all the conversations we had right here.

  • The rise of the tech workers union and what comes next with Parul Koul (Alphabet Workers Union), Grace Recker (OPEIU), and Clarissa Redwine (New York University
  • The path forward for essential workers with Vanessa Bain (Gig Workers Collective), Jessica E. Martinez (National Council for Occupational Safety and Health), and Christian Smalls (The Congress of Essential Workers)
  • Investors discuss alt-financing and the role of venture capital with Brian Brackeen (Lightship Capital), Astrid Scholz (Zebras Unites), and Sydney Thomas (Precursor Ventures)
  • A glimpse inside the minds of tech’s DEI leaders with Sandra Altine (Facebook), Wade Davis (Netflix), and Bo Young Lee (Uber)
  • Backstage Capitals Arlan Hamilton discusses how to find the next unicorn
  • Rep. Barbara Lee says the pipeline problem is “a total myth”
  • Tech leaders discuss how social media is broken and what we can do about it
  • Designing with accessibility in mind: a conversation with Cynthia Bennett (Carnegie Mellon University), Srin Madipalli, and Mara Mills (New York University)
  • Pathways for returning citizens with Jason Jones (The Last Mile), Deepti Rohatgi (Slack), and Aly Tamboura (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative)

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