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March 9, 2021, 1:10 PM GMT+1

ZeroSwap Launches ZeeDO, a Multi Chain IDO Platform for Fair Token Launches and Fundraising

March 9, 2021, 1:10 PM GMT+1

BANGALORE, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2021 / Dex Aggregator ZeroSwap ($ZEE)

is pleased to launch ZeeDO (, a first-of-its-kind DEX token

offering platform and part of its ZeroSwap line of products. ZeeDo will bring

innovative features demanded by investors and traders in on-chain token

offerings, bringing fairness and transparency, with no manual intervention

during distribution.

As the blockchain space has simplified fundraising by tokenising the assets,

ZeeDO will empower them by simplifying token sale on multi chains, broadening

their reach to multiple networks. It is the singular place to launch or trade

tokens on multiple chains like Ethereuem and Binance Smart Chain, and the

token distribution will be monitored by ChainLink VRF randomiser so that all

users get equal opportunities to participate during token offerings.

Among the innovations and solutions introduced, ZeeDO will cut market

manipulation usually done by whales. The liquidity provision for new tokens

will be democratic, as investors of a project will prioritize creating a

liquid market. This will result in the minimum external influence of

specialized market makers.

“We intend to make ZeeDO a feeless platform, allowing projects to launch their

tokens for free, thus giving them instant access to the much-needed liquidity.

Here users can participate in the public sale of various projects by staking

Zeroswap’s native token ($ZEE). We believe our solution is the best in the

market for both new projects and the retail investors alike,” said Aayushi

Jain, COO ZeeDO.

The ZeroSwap Community has been eagerly waiting for the launch of ZeeDO, and

the first project doing the distribution of their tokens is $ODDZ Finance,

which is a multichain options trading platform. One of our major goals is to

lighten their workload involved in collecting user public addresses. With

ChainLink powered VRF, users can directly apply for an IDO, and an end to end

process will be managed by ZeroSwap.

ZeeDo Features:

– 100% fairness and transparency in the distribution of tokens

– No hidden cost

– Chainlink VRF-powered randomizer to select winners fairly and securely.

– An unparalleled network of leading crypto marketers

– Unmatched brand exposure providing global visibility.

ZeeDO is currently undergoing improvements in its two rigorous auditing

modules of staking and exchanging tokens and incorporating feedback.

To participate in ZeeDO, users must stake $ZEE on Zersowap’s staking module

(for the first three IDO projects: minimum of 100 $ZEE). After the three IDOs,

the staking amount will be determined by the distribution companies. There

will also be NFTs in token distribution [Proof of Participation (POP) & Proof

of Winning (POW)]. The first-ever Community Distribution sale of tokens on

ZeeDO will go live on 19th March 2021 with Oddz Finance, a multi-chain options

trading platform on Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and Ethereum.

The ZeeDo platform is available for a preview with a clean, versatile, and

responsive UI. For more information about the project, please visit:


For more information, please visit:

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