Ukraine on Monday has dismissed Russian claims that they attacked two Russian-backed separatist enclaves and called the claims disinformation, according to The Washington Post. 

Ukrainian Minister of Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko, told reporters that the reports of explosions were false and the mass evacuation ordered Friday by the pro-Moscow separatist leaders was contrived to mislead people, the Post added.

Tkachenko added that Russia was manufacturing lies about Ukraine shelling the separatist enclaves in eastern Ukraine to create a false “picture of war.”


Russia’s FSB security service said on Monday the Ukrainian territory had fired a shell which had destroyed a border guard post in Russia’s Rostov region but there were no casualties, Reuters reported.

The newswire added that Russian state news agency, RIA, shared video footage published by the FSB, which showed that a small guard post had been destroyed. 

However, Ukraine has denied Russian accusations and the country’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba tweeted at Russia Monday to “stop your fake-producing factory.”

He added that Ukraine did not “attack Donetsk or Luhansk” or “send saboteurs or armored personnel carrier (APC) over the Russian border.”

In his tweet, Kuleba emphasized that Ukraine did not shell Russian territory or the Russian border crossing. 

There have been an increased number of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border and false-flag operations that unfolded over the weekend. Up to 190,000 Russian soldiers are believed to have amassed near Ukraine’s borders. 

This comes one day after Biden agreed to meet with Putin in the coming days on the condition that Russia does not proceed with an invasion of Ukraine.