Ethiopia is lifting its wartime state of emergency three months early due to new developments in the internal conflict. 

The vote to lift the emergency occurred on Tuesday among lawmakers as mediation efforts have made progress and the violence that broke out in November, resulting in tens of thousands of lives lost, has somewhat receded, The Associated Press reported. 

The emergency order was originally supposed to be in place for six months as Tigray regional forces and others edged closer to the countrys capital of Addis Ababa. The forces began to retreat in December.


During the emergency declaration, the government reportedly jailed thousands of people with no charges, with a majority of them ethnically Tigrayans. An AP video journalist was among the people detained. 

The United States welcomes the lifting of the state of emergency in Ethiopia, the State Department wrote Tuesday. We urge that this move be immediately followed by the release of all individuals arrested or detained without charge under the state of emergency. The end of these detentions will facilitate an inclusive and productive national dialogue.

The Ethiopian government did not say when those arrested would be released, with a state-run outlet reporting that it told the state of emergency investigation board and judicial bodies handling emergency order cases to conclude their work in the upcoming weeks, according to the AP. 

Lawmakers on Tuesday were still fearful of attacks by opposition forces, with the leader of parliament saying a corrective measure will be put in place. However, police are thought to be able to handle the situation without emergency powers. 

The United States continues to engage with all parties to advance an immediate cessation of hostilities, unhindered humanitarian access, transparent investigations into all human rights abuses and violations, and a negotiated resolution to the conflict. the State Department concluded.