Image caption, In the months before Linda Maggs’ death, her husband told three different people he wanted to kill her

A man has been found guilty of murdering his wife, stabbing her as she lay in bed.

Linda Maggs, 74, was stabbed at least 15 times to her neck, chest and hands on Saturday 6 February, 2021.


Afterwards, David Maggs, 71, of Sebastopol, Pontypool, told a 999 operator, “I just killed the wife”.

Maggs had earlier admitted manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility, but the jury found him guilty of murder.

He claimed he “blanked out” and did not recall what happened.

Cardiff Crown Court was told the couple had been in the midst of an acrimonious divorce, after 28 years together.

Both had refused to leave the family home and disagreements about money meant tensions were running high.

Media caption, Husband admits stabbing wife to death in 999 call to police

They had been living separate lives under the same roof after their relationship ended in March 2020.

When police arrived at Maggs’ home at about 09:15 GMT on 6 February last year, he told them he had “had enough”.

Image source, FAMILY PHOTO

Image caption, Linda Maggs suffered at least 15 stab wounds to her neck, chest and hands

The retired accountant described how he went into his estranged wife’s bedroom to talk to her about their divorce, taking two large kitchen kitchen knives upstairs with him.

In the months before Mrs Maggs’ death, her husband told three different people he wanted to kill her. One of the three was so concerned she told the police and officers spoke to the couple separately.

Maggs’ defence claimed he had suffered from long term ill health, including depression. After deliberating for just under nine hours, the jury found him guilty.

He will be sentenced at a later date.