Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is retiring from the NFL, sources told ESPN.

Sources told the outlet the 44-year-old decided it was time to retire due to factors including family and health. Brady also recognizes the roster turnover that is expected on his team, though that is not as significant a factor in his decision, according to the sources, per ESPN.

Brady has said he does not want a “farewell season,” according to the outlet. 


Brady has been in the NFL for 22 seasons and has won seven Super Bowl titles, the most ever won by a single player, as well as five Super Bowl MVPs. All but one of his Super Bowl wins was with the New England Patriots. 

Team sources said the Buccaneers tried to convince him to stay another year, but recognized he would likely retire after the end of the season, according to ESPN. 

Sources told the outlet it is not clear when Brady will officially announce his retirement, adding that he doesnt want to take attention away from the Super Bowl or NFL postseason this year. 

Brady is considered by many to be the best quarterback in NFL history.