Virginia Republicans are setting their sights on amending the states marijuana law that legalizes up to an ounce of the substance for adults, including reallocating where some of the state revenue should be spent, The Associated Press reported.

One piece of legislation introduced by state Sen. Tommy Norment (R) would channel 30 percent of state revenue from marijuana sales made possible by a 2021 marijuana legalization law that was passed with Democratic support to a general fund for the state in place of a Cannabis Equity Reinvestment Fund, the news outlet noted.

The 2021 marijuana legalization law gives people with previous marijuana crimes convictions and others special consideration for marijuana licenses, but a separate piece of legislation introduced by Del. Michael Webert (R) would not keep that provision in place, the AP noted. 


The Virginia delegate told the newswire that  that those members of society should have a seat at the table but should not be prioritized over others.

Weberts bill would also channel 30 percent of marijuana state revenue to repair school buildings in poor shape instead of the Cannabis Equity Reinvestment Fund.

Those two pieces of legislation are included in at least eight pieces of GOP-introduced bills that would make changes to the marijuana legalization law that was passed with Democratic support, the AP noted.

Those amendments could be passed given that the marijuana state revenues regulatory structure is required to be voted on again by the legislature due to a reenactment clause featured in the law. 

The amendments come as Democrats lost their trifecta of controlling both chambers of the state legislature and governorship following the November 2021 elections.