Yes, money makes the world go around, but touch-and-feel currency controlled by banks is so 2008. Cryptocurrency aims to be the decentralized future of finance, and thats why were excited to announce DeFi and the Future of Programmable Money on March 30, 2022.

This free, one-day virtual conference presents the leading experts in crypto. Theyll focus on what everyone from new apes, liquidity providers, degens and regulators alike needs to understand about this rapidly evolving and often volatile sector as it moves steadily toward mainstream status.

Pro Tip: Attending DeFi and the Future of Programmable Money is free, but you need to register to secure your seat at the crypto table.


The summit is in partnership with Sommelier Finance, a leading crypto project, co-founded by Zaki Manian, and designed to automate decentralized finance trading.

What can you expect at this conference? Like every event TechCrunch supports, youll enjoy in-depth interviews and interactive panel discussions with the top movers and shakers in crypto and DeFi, like Adam Goldberg, managing director at Standard Crypto and Taariq Lewis, founder of VolumeFi and thats just for starters.

Plus, check out the early-stage startups exhibiting their crypto tech in the expo area. Our agenda is a work in progress, but heres a quick taste of whats on tap. Well be adding more presentations in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Why is DeFi the future of finance? Find out how DeFi differentiates from and builds on current centralized financial systems. Whats coming next and what does it mean for the future of finance?

DeFi and Regulations: Regulation of DeFi is here (ish). How can regulators engage with the ecosystem productively and what can DeFi projects do to help bring regulators to the table?

Whether youre a crypto noob or a crypto whale, youll come away with a richer understanding of cutting-edge programmable money projects and how to move your crypto business forward.

DeFi and the Future of Programmable Money is free and takes place on March 30. Register here to reserve your seat, join the crypto crowd and learn how you can make a difference in the future of finance.