Grammy Award-winning country singer/songwriter Travis Tritt joined “Tucker Carlson Today” on Fox Nation to discuss his road to becoming a professional musician, vaccine mandates, and the impact COVID-19 regulations are having on his touring schedule.

Before fully embarking on a career as a full-time musician, Tritt told Tucker he had spent the early part of his life as a manager for a heat and air conditioner company. “That’s what I thought I was going to end up doing for the rest of my life,” said Tritt.

Tritt recounts that one night after working, he had wandered into a local bar near his house.


“I saw a guy up on a little small stage over in the corner, with just him and a guitar. And I think he had, like, a little drum machine. And that was it. And I sat and watched this guy, and he was pretty good. I sat and watched him for about two hours. And I thought to myself the whole time, I could do that job. I could do that. I could do that. I could do that as good as he can, maybe even better,” said Tritt, who proceeded to become good friends with the man playing.

Travis Tritt performs during the Volunteer Jam: A Musical Salute To Charlie Daniels at Bridgestone Arena on August 18, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

(Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

It was not long before Tritt learned this man was planning to move to Nashville to pursue his own music career. After he left “I took his job,” said Tritt.

For about 18 months, Tritt worked as a manager by day and musician by night, starting the day at 7 AM and ending at 2 AM. Tritt said being young made it easier to keep up with that kind of schedule, but it was “tough on my marriage and tough on my health.”

“But after about 18 months, I realized two things,” said Tritt. “I’m having more fun on my night job than I am on my day job. And oddly enough, I’m making more money on my night job.”

After many months of playing, improving, and landing gig after gig, Tritt was thinking about quitting his day job to fully pursue music. Feeling nervous about the potential risk that gigs would run out and being left high and dry without the steady income of his daytime work, Tritt went to the vice president of the air conditioning wholesale company to ask for advice.


“He said, do it,” said Tritt, “he said, one of these days, you’ll be in your rocking chair as an old man. And you will always wonder whether or not you could have made it in the music industry.”

Quitting his job Tritt said was the “beggining” of him getting involved in professional music. “And I never looked back,” said Tritt.

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