President BidenJoe BidenSunday shows preview: Democrats’ struggle for voting rights bill comes to a headDavid Weil: Wrong man, wrong place, wrong time Biden’s voting rights gamble prompts second-guessingMORE on Sunday called the hostage situation at a Texas synagogue on Saturday an “act of terror.”

“This was an act of terror,” Biden told reporters. “This was an act of terror [that was not only related to someone who had been arrested I might add 15 years ago and had been in jail for 10 years.” 

The hostages at the synagogue were released on Saturday evening, with no reported injuries. The gunman, identified on Sunday as British national Malik Faisal Akram, was killed on Saturday though the cause of death has not been disclosed.


Biden commended the law enforcement members who responded to the scene for doing “one hell of a job.”

Biden said he would be calling the rabbi of the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue, who was reportedly one of the hostages held captive on Saturday.

According to Biden, there were no bombs at the scene, despite what the gunman claimed. 

Biden was unable to share further details about the hostage situation, saying, “I just don’t have enough facts.” He said he will be holding a press conference on Wednesday where he would have more details to share.

Akram, 44, had demanded the release of Pakistani neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui, who is currently imprisoned in Texas for attempting to murder a U.S. soldier. Siddiqui has long been accused of helping militant Islamist groups, with terrorist organizations like ISIS and the Taliban demanding her release.