Mexican officials said an SUV with 10 bodies inside was left near a Christmas tree outside of the office of state governor David Monreal, The Guardian reported. 

In a video address, Monreal, the governor of the state of Zacatecas, said the bodies found inside of the SUV showed apparent signs of beating and bruising, per the outlet.

They came to leave them here in front of the palace, Monreal said in the address, referring to the building where his office is located.


Gang-related incidents have made Zacatecas one of the most violent regions in Mexico, according to The Guardian. 

Last year, the state recorded 1,050 murders over 260 more than the official total the prior year, according to official data, per the outlet.

Monreal noted that security has been a significant issue in Zacatecas and said he would work to reduce it.

Bit by bit we will recover our peace. What we received was a cursed inheritance, Monreal said. 

Officials said the driver of the SUV, a man, parked the vehicle near the plaza before exiting the vehicle and walked away down an alley, The Guardian reported. 

This comes as Mexican officials reported 31,615 murders in the first eleven months of 2021, a 3.6 percent decline from the 32,814 reported murders in 2020, according to the outlet.